Keynote Presentations

Companies and organizations regularly bring people together at conferences. These people attend to learn beneficial things, network with others within their business or industry, and hopefully, leave with something tangible that will help them in their workplace, career or life.

A common aspect of a conference is a presentation by a speaker — either in a breakout session or as a keynote.

Keynote speaking is often considered as some sort of entertaining and inspiring message that will get attendee’s interest, but rarely has a meaningful result. That’s not the type of conference speaking Symbio founder, Jason Swain, delivers.

Jason is an experienced conference speaker who can inform, challenge and entertain audiences on a wide variety of topics. His delivery is insightful, often humorous, but most importantly, his messages have practical application in the lives and careers of attendees.

If you have an upcoming event that needs a break-out of keynote speaker, consider Jason Swain. He will work with your goals to develop a presentation that will provide value to your organization and appreciation from your conference attendees.