Meeting Design and Facilitation

Meetings in organizations or businesses can be productive opportunities to generate ideas, clarify goals, determine processes and direction, share information and get business done. Or, they can be time-wasting vortexes of negativity from Dilbert’s worst nightmare. Sometimes the only difference is in having the right meeting facilitator. And that right facilitator is rarely the organization’s or business' leader.

Symbio's founder, Jason Swain, is a valued meeting facilitator who understands how to relate to and manage attendees to achieve the best meeting result. Working with the organization’s leadership, Jason will design and lead the meeting, presenting an objective viewpoint and facilitating an environment where everyone participates and is heard.

This results in effective meetings where everyone is clear on the objective, everyone is free to share their ideas and opinions, and no one (including the organization’s leader) dominates the discussion.

Imagine meetings that are productive, affirming and inspiring. Symbio can help your organization get there.